2 batches of butternut squash — 1 savory & 1 sweet

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(Midnight) Blueberry Paleo Muffin’s Attempt #1 — I will back to you in the morning when I try them. But I’m vaguely hopeful about this grain-free blueberry muffin thing.

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My @Inspiralized dinner! (Caramelized onions & garlic w/ beet noodles & salmon)

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The main thought I’ve had most of the afternoon.

I’m truly grateful for two or thing things in this only (most of them not directly related to the recent announcement), but the one that’s stayed with me through the afternoon —

This means that Catherine Rollins (the character, specifically, in case this distinction needs making) is finally out of the hands of Peter and Michelle. The two people, show runner/writer and actress, who got me to pretty much dislike everything she did from when I started watching S3 as my first in-syndication, as it came out, viewing.

Back when I, unabashedly, loved everything about S1-S2 her and her & Steve. 

And now? 

Now she’ll be free from them/the writers, from canon, from the further horrid acts of atrocity that would be forever canon on and for and of her character (the same as I went through and felt about Marian, and Jo).

I get to have Cath back in the hands of a million writers, with a million stories and pictures, doing her justice and treating her right and writing her with her real character background and Naval skills (and maybe not, too, because you know, fandom and fanfic and to each their own on what makes them happy and what they see as fitting) instead, on the internet, who may let me finally go back to loving (or at least not feel deeply conflicted and tragically burned about) Catherine as more than just the character in Laura’s head, once I’d wire-brushed Lenkov’s Cath off her, and our game.

Which might be months, or part of a year off, but it would be miraculous to regain that at this point.

New box from @GrazeUsa!

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I love that this says ‘Purveyors of Happiness.’ (@EscapeMonthly Ireland/March 2014)

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@EscapeMonthly’s March in (where else?) Ireland (II) — so excited! Look at the awesome!

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@EscapeMonthly’s March in (where else?) Ireland (I)

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Getting close and friend with @LuvBBW’s specials on email & Facebook. (Hint: the only thing I had to pay for in this picture is that $3 tiny perfume.)

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The best surprise when I opened The Antigone Poems (early reviewer): it was signed!

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More advanced reader shots.

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My newest Advanced Reader from @librarything. I got it and read it in less than six hours. Mmmmm.

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My night in three beautiful artifacts.

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Shout out to members of McDanno Booked Network!

*don’t delete text*

  • contact with me here, send me your @ address, the one you use to log into tumblr, please ^^
  • i’ll add you to the group, which is part of the Network, it’s private one, so that’s why I need your @ address to be able to add you into xD
  • if you’re not member of Network, but yet, you’re huge McDanno fan and you’d love to join us? Send me message here.
  • reblog that post to spread the word! ^^
  • Thank you! xD

[Graphic used with permission of Pafan, the author ^^]

Hello Amanda! :) I'm working on changing McDanno Booked from Network to Group, where we can talk, discuss, have fun, share posts bla bla ^^ Anyway if you want to join the Group as well, please, let me know which one of your blogs (this one or the one with Steve should stay on Network and be part of Group) and if you're in, please, submit me your @ address, which you use to log into tumblr, I'll send you then invite to the group :) And please, reblog from me post about group, ok? ^^ Thank you! xx

I would love to keep both of them in it. I know this ones been quiet lately, but this will always be my main one and i know I’ll always come back to it — and I know Steve’s main one will all the time have things related to the Boys and the show (and anything therein related) going on it. 

So yes, please, with the joining both of them over to the group! (Mine is wanderlustlover [at] gmail [dot] com, and Steve’s journal one is thebesteverseen [at] dreamwidth [dot] org)! <3


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